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by Sharon Rondeau

The first newspaper, Carolus, was published in the city of Strassburg, Germany, in 1609.

(Jul. 30, 2010) — The Post & Email’s reputation as a news organization with superb researchers is growing, and recently we have been asked to assist with several investigations on the Obama eligibility issue and other related matters.

In order to continue the high-quality research and writing that you have come to expect from us, we will need your support.  If you cannot give financially, we can always use citizen writers and contributors, even if on a one-time basis.  Just one person can uncover what could be a goldmine of information, and anyone can do it.  This helps us to leverage the staff we have as much as possible.

While many are enjoying the lovely summer weather at the lake, on the beach, in the back yard, or at the summer cottage, we at The Post & Email are indoors delving through research materials, following the evidence trail, going to libraries and state offices, and interviewing other like-minded patriots who are trying to make this country right again.  Many have literally pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, just as the original Founding Fathers did 234 years ago.  We are attempting to interview every constitutional candidate running for the House, Senate, and state offices before November 2.

We all know that the television and radio media are not reporting the truth about what has happened in this country since 2008, and we need to be the free press which the Founding Fathers outlined in the First Amendment.  The mainstream media has abrogated its responsibility to be a watchdog on government, so we citizens must do their job for them.  We don’t make their salaries or enjoy their perks, but we are committed to bringing you the most accurate news on the planet.

Next week our website developer should finish the addition of a Twitter interface for each article that we publish.  While many readers might not know that we have Facebook capability, the icon at the bottom of each article is tiny, and all of the icons will be made larger and easier to see.   All of our articles will also be available in printer-friendly format for distribution to others, particularly those without internet access.

Another addition to the site is a “Subscription” button on the inner pages of all articles which provides the option of donating a fixed amount on a monthly basis to support the newspaper.  If all of our readers gave $1.00/month, we would be more than able to hire more staff, increase the pay for our writers, and complete our investigations faster.  While not mandatory of anyone, $1.00/month would be a tremendous boost to our bottom line.  Many of you have already signed up for this option, for which The Post & Email most sincerely thanks you.

For those wishing to make a one-time donation, you may do so by clicking the “Donate” button which has been and remains on the bottom right side of our front page.  And don’t forget about the Editor’s Note:  those wishing to get the “scoop” on the week’s upcoming happenings can use the “Subscribe” button under the “World” news section in the middle-right of the main page, or you may send a check to:

The Post & Email, Inc.
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The Editor’s Note is only $15.00/year and is issued every Sunday evening.

We know money is very tight.  Thank you again for your support of The Post & Email, Inc.

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