Who will throw the spear that pierces the heart of America?

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by Ron Ewart, ©2010

How could any American do this to Lady Liberty?

(Jul. 21, 2010) — How much more can Lady Liberty stand?  She is suffering grave wounds and she’s losing lots of blood.  She now lays in triage waiting for an assessment of her injuries by her doctors, to determine the best treatment to save her life.  The doctors and nurses are very worried that she has lost so much blood that there will be no way to stop it, due to so much internal bleeding.  Her vital organs have been breached and she is dying, unless the doctors can find a way to save her.

But somewhere in the building is a man who is intent on finishing Lady Liberty off with a spear through the heart.  He is impatient and wants to end the Lady’s life right now.  He doesn’t want to give the doctors the opportunity to bind her wounds, give her a transfusion and repair her injured organs.  The man lingers in the shadows, waiting for the right moment when those watching over the Lady are not paying attention.  When the opportunity presents itself, he will swing back his arm and send the spear directly at the Lady’s heart, to silence her once and for all.   He is highly skilled with the spear, as he has already sent several spears into the Lady before, but he has, as yet, failed to deliver the deathblow that he so desperately wants to do.

The doctors, nurses and the hospital staff know the man is in the building and they have put out a warning to be on the lookout for him.  Unfortunately, not many are listening, as they are otherwise occupied with their duties and don’t take the threat seriously.  After all, their job is to heal the sick and save lives.  They are not policemen.  How can they confront this evil man without suffering the indignities he has already inflicted on the Lady?  Let someone else do it.

There is a large crowd gathering outside the building, shouting that the spearman is inside and the staff should do something about it.  They wave signs and chant slogans, but are afraid to charge the building and search for the would-be assassin.  They fear injury to themselves.  They want someone else to take on the bad man.  Why should they get their hands dirty?

As the staff inside and the crowd outside dither and shout, Lady Liberty continues to lose blood.  The end may be near for her and her eventual passing could save the spearman the trouble of thrusting his spear into her heart.

Just then a man appears and walks up the steps to address the crowd gathered outside the building.  He takes the microphone from the speaker and at first his voice is hesitant.  Then, suddenly, his face takes on a defiant look.  He yells at the crowd with passion punctuating every word.  He tells them:

“Your mother lays dying inside and all you can do is yell, scream and chant?  Her lifeblood is oozing from her body and you argue amongst yourselves?  There is a man in the building who wants nothing more than to bring the life of your mother to an abrupt end by sending a spear through her heart.  If you do not find and confront him, now, today, this very moment, he will seize just the right time, when you are gnashing your teeth, blaming everyone else but yourselves and looking the other way and he will send his spear deep into your Mother’s heart.  Henceforth, she will cease as the symbol of your freedom forever.   This evil man will finish the job he set out to do, unless you stop him.”

“Let me ask you!  If your biological mother, who gave you life, lay dying, would you not turn heaven and earth to save her?  Why now, when the life of the Mother of your liberty is ebbing away, all you can do is stand in a crowd of cowards and do nothing but raise your voices and wave some signs.  You and I know that that is not enough to detour the spearman.”

“I beseech you to move forward into the building and turn it inside out until you find the assassin.  I will lead the way.  We, together, will search every room and closet.  We will go into the basement and the attic and look among the debris, discarded furniture and cabinets.  We will climb into the rafters and look for him there.  We will tear out the walls if we have to and we won’t stop until we find him.  It is imperative that some of you go to Lady Liberty’s room and guard her so that the assassin can’t reach her.  Guard her with your life if need be.”

“When we find the assassin and we will, we will bring him out into the cold light of day so that all can see who he really is.  This spearman, this assassin, epitomizes pure evil.  He is the personification of the devil.  He hides in the shadows and moves with stealth in the dark of night.  But when he comes out in the open, he wraps himself in familiar clothing and talks like one of us.  He speaks of freedom and liberty, but clutches the hammer and cycle in his heart.  He fully intends to bind us in chains and blur the images of our concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  He will take our property and sell off our assets.  He will brainwash our children and instruct them in the ways of the collective and the group.  He will take away our land, our money, our food, our water, and our energy and take over the management of our health care to control all of us, if we let him.  He will dismantle our culture and our religion.  He will bargain away our sovereignty.  All these things he will do, if all we can do is to stand out in the open and chant slogans and wave signs.”

The man who will throw the spear that pierces the heart of America is not so much a man, as he is an ideology.  An ideology that pursues power with a vengeance and rationalizes that the power he pursues will also bring untold riches to the ruling class.  This ideology is the antithesis of freedom and liberty.  It thrives and gets stronger by pitting us against each other and dividing us between the haves and the have-nots.  He manufactures victims and makes them hate their perceived perpetrators.  But worse, he divides us by race, color and creed, for his own ends and like the fools we are, we let him do it.”

“So ladies and gentlemen, join with me and go forth to purge this spearman, this assassin of freedom, this quencher of the beacon of hope for the rest of the world, this false ideology of hate, and either annihilate him or export him once and for all from the land of the free, before he has the chance to hurl the spear into the heart of Lady Liberty.”

With the end of his speech, the man picked up the American flag and charged into the building to find the assassin.  The crowd bunched up behind him and followed him in, en masse.


Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners.


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