Let's have a Mock Trial, and put Obama in the Docket!

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by John Charlton

In the Docket, Obama's claims will melt away under forensic scrutiny

In the Docket, Obama's claims will melt away under forensic scrutiny

(Oct 30, 2009) — It’s a national imperative — the security and tranquility of the nation demand it; all want to know the truth behind it; and its a doable; a lot lest costly than organizing the 9-12 D.C. Tea-party; plus we citizens have the inalienable right to do it:  put Barack Hussein Obama on trial, and make an informative documentary about it.

This is the suggestion of a CWer — a veteran commentatrix at Citizen Wells Blog — a life-long Democrat who goes by the name of Michelle.  She explains her idea thus:

Dear John,

Since the government is too gutless to have this trial. We can have a Mock Trial, that is filmed and goes viral.

Someone can play the JUDGE will call him SOLOMON; bring in all the evidence, (allow Obama a) defense (and have a) prosecution. We will call it a historical documentary.

No one will get hurt, the people will finally get the message.

All evidence can be brought in. ACORN, SEIU, all the sabotaging of web-sites, threats, intimidation’s, VOTER FRAUD etc. media blackout.

Kind of like those indie movies that people love.

All the stuff you couldn’t introduce in a government trial. Jury composed of 12 NBC AMERICANS with documented birth certificates.

This Mock Trial would be equivalent to Obama’s mock COLB, as opposed to legal, documented birth certificate and all supporting documentation.

John please feel free to add any ideas, suggestions that will hopefully move the cause of our Constitution forward. There is so much material on the web already, I think most of the film could be “assembled” and just fill in the remainder.

Another feature could be something from all of the lawyers (who have sued Obama, challenging his eligibility) so that the American people can see that there are attorneys who cared about the Constitution and did their level best to ensure our Liberty and the uphill battle that ensued.

The Post & Email formally endorses the proposal and asks that the readers contact each and every patriot group and suggest that a committee for its production be formed.

I personally would love to see Attorneys Philip Berg, Leo Donofrio, Orly Taitz, and Mario Apuzzo argue before the bench.

We will need to find a patriot who has experience as a judge. I personally know of a professional video studio where it can be taped for free and put in DVD format.

If you run a patriot organization and would like to be on this committee, email me!

I don’t want to run the show, as it were; but I will help coordinate: that’s the least I can do for my country.

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