Editorial: Oct. 30, 2009 — Judge Carter has slapped America in the face!

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“All that tyranny needs to gain a foothold is silence!” — Thomas Jefferson

by John Charlton

The wrongs and injustices foisted from David O. Carter’s Star Chamber in Santa Ana, California, when he dismissed Barnett vs. Obama,  are long and evil; and The Post & Email will in successive Editorials indicate and condemn each for what they are.

As mentioned previous, the Motion to Dismiss, which Carter granted, is nothing short of a Manifesto of Tyranny; Carter who was hailed by many to be an upright, “solid”, patriotic, “Marine”, has, instead shown that  he is nothing more than a NWO louse infesting the Judiciary.

His ruling denying redressability to Third Party candidates who allege injury on account of being unfairly competed against by an ineligible candidate — in as much as it is not the Court’s duty to remove the usurper — is tantamount to a slap in the face to America!

The consequences of this one opinion, if let to stand, would be to install the tyranny of Big Money and 2 Parties, and take away all voter rights in the country.

When that ineligible candidate gains control of the executive branch’s authority over a a State Attorney General or the U.S. Atttorney General, then manifestly some other branch of government has to enforce the law and remove the usurper.  Certainly it is not the case where you can impeach someone who does not hold office lawfully!

So Carter is in effect saying to every future crook and dictator-wannabee:  go ahead and lie, cheat, and commit as much Election Fraud you want; just make sure your friends in the other branches of government, will look the other way.

Carter has open the doors to tyranny and anarchy:

He has robbed every voter of the right to be truthfully informed in every election.

He has robbed every voter of the right to have a ballot listing of candidates according to State and Federal Laws.

He has robbed every voter of the right to exercise his vote in a fair election.

He has robbed every voter of the right to have a legitimate candidate win the office.

He has robbed American of the entire system of representative democracy which we have enjoyed since 1787!

That’s treachery in the highest degree!

David O. Carter, you are not worthy of the names “American” or “Marine”: you are a fraud, a jurist of tyrants, and a Star Chamber dictator.

You deserve to be imprisoned for life for using your office to impugn the integrity of every future election in this country!

I believe that it would be a very fitting thing for patriots to gather en mass and picket Carter’s Star Chambers in Santa Ana; for if they do not make themselves heard and seen on this ruling; they’ve lost America!

What Carter is saying about Elections, is what Obama is planning for 2010:  total fraud to put his men into power or keep them there. — Wake up America!

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